By switching to auto advertisements. Admanch provided 5 lakhs of accidental insurance to all auto drivers subscribed for posting ads on their autos. We also helps them improving their financial life by paying monthly 2000/- to 4000/- based on their performance. Let’s move to auto ads which are very effective and affordable compare to other advertisement mediums and benefit the auto drivers.

ADMANCH Features


1. Bigger ad space than regular auto ads, newspaper ads and banner ads.
2. GHMC and other departments permission.
3. Guaranteed no other ad or else money back.
4. GPS tracking get live status and complete tracking history.
5. No limits you can book one auto, any one available space as per budget.
6. Change your ad at any time during the campaign.
7. LED lighting system for visibility of ad during low light.
8. Transparent pricing anybody can book online.


Admanch Auto Ad Dimensions


Our prices are very affordable and we have very effective systems in place. We share you daily, weekly and monthly complete reports with GPS tracking history, images etc. For more details contact us on booking@admanch.com. or Call us on +91 – 9398195688 or raise your quote through our online form.

V6 news channel which has covered our sponsored seminar on Start-ups at hyderabad


This seminar was focused on:

  • Protecting and commercialising the idea is a paramount prerequisite for any start-up and the better way is through corporatising by establishing a statutory protection layer.
  • Predominantly, the Startups consists of technical people and for protection and commercialisation of their idea requires collaboration with other aspects of business like legal, secretarial, finance, taxation, etc., and to achieve this the Startups need be incubated properly.
  • Once the ground for growth is established, investment is the major component and the Startups need to clearly understand the insights of investments. A thorough preparation in the lines of what investor looks for investment takes a long way for a startup to raise funds.
  • To understand all the above, a direct interaction with Consultants, Incubators, Crowdfunding agencies and Investors will imbibe huge value addition to Startups.

Key Takeaways from the seminar:

  • Corporatising and Compliances to be made by Start-up;
  • Registration of Start-ups with Incubators;
  • Advantages of incubating;
  • Understanding of Investors’ insights on identifying start-ups for funding;
  • How to develop the network for Startups among various stakeholders;
  • Advantages of crowd-funding
  • Listing of Startups

Chief guests:

Mr. Jayesh Ranjan is the Secretary, Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Department, Government of Telangana. Guided by the overall vision of IT E&C Minister Sri KT Rama Rao and assisted by senior and middle level officers, the Secretary plays crucial role in IT Policy formulation, e-governance initiatives, promoting investments in IT, ITES and allied sectors, creating congenial environment for companies to setup and expand their operations, providing strong communication backbone in the State, skilling the youth for availing opportunities the sector offers, among others.

Prior to the present assignment, he was Commissioner of Industries and Managing Director for Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC). He was responsible for identifying industrial development opportunities in the State, attracting investments, and providing the required infrastructure support to the industrial units. His other previous assignments had been in the Tourism Department of the State government as its Secretary, and in Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA) as Vice Chairman, both for 3 years each, and various assignments with respect to rural areas in different parts of the State for over 12 years.

Other speakers:

  • Dr. P S Raju Coordinator IP, CSIR
  • Mr. Bharat Shah, BNI Head
  • Mr. Vijay Agarwal, Equirus Capital ℗ Limited
  • Mr. Manoj Kumar Koyalkar, AGR Reddy & Co, Company Secretaries

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